What will happen if I die without leaving a Will?

When someone dies without leaving a valid will, this is known as ‘intestacy’ and the person is ‘intestate’. The rules which govern how their estate is distributed have changed with effect from 1 October 2014. The new Inheritance and Trustees Powers Act 2014 has changed the procedures, rules regarding claims against the estate and certain trustees’ powers.

The aim is

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Average UK House Prices hit the £200,000.00 mark

After uncertainty caused by the general election, average UK house prices have now beaten the last peak of £199,612.00 which we saw during the economic boom of August 2007.

The latest data from the Halifax revealed that the value of a residential property in the UK rose for the fourth consecutive month by 1.7pc from May to June to £200,280.00 suggesting that buyers’ confidence

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Does your conservatory comply with Regulations?

Many homeowners will rely upon the word of the installer of a conservatory when it comes to considering Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

As a rule, a conservatory will pass the permitted development test from a planning perspective and be considered as an exempt structure from a Building Regulations perspective. Further consideration however must be given in relation to

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